So, you’ve asked your lady out on a date, she’s accepted and now you’re probably getting some first date jitters. Okay. Not to worry. So, what do you talk about?

How do you keep the conversation going?

If you learned anything in this guide, you learned that women love to talk about themselves. Also, you learned how to be spontaneous and let the conversation evolve organically. And that’s all you have to do.

The place that you go to on your date will probably dictate some of your conversation. Say you’re going out with an art chick. Well, of course, you’re probably going to take her to a gallery opening or an art show or even a museum. Right?

Let’s say you do this. Well, the conversation will be about art, wouldn’t it? You would get the conversation rolling by saying, “I don’t know much about art. What can you tell me?” Like anyone else, women like to seem like experts, so do something that lets her show off how smart she is.

Same thing if you take her on a picnic. While you’re sitting on your blanket eating your shrimp salad or whatever, you’re probably going to notice things in the park like bicyclists or flowers or squirrels. You’d just talk about your surroundings.

“Look at that squirrel! He’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen!”

The same thing applies if your girl is a sports lover. You’d probably take her to a ballgame of some sort and from there, you two would just talk about the players, the arena, whatever is valid to the situation. And, if it’s something that you have no knowledge or interest in, don’t try to fake knowledge or interest. Just say that you don’t know much about it but thought it would be something she would like. She’ll love that you made this effort.

But what if you’re just going on normal dinner date? This is why you might want to come up with something a little out of the ordinary and/or a little somthing extra in addition to the meal. Plan something like going on a boat/ferry ride and the conversation usually takes care of itself.

Of course, if it’s just a dinner date, then you will need to have an arsenal of conversation up your sleeve. Maybe you’re a TV fanatic and you know a lot about TV shows. You can talk about that.

This is why it’s suggested that you read a lot, or you go to museums and events on your own or with your friends. The more you are out and about in the world, the more you will have to draw on for conversations.

However, just know that it’s never a good idea to domineer the conversation with only one subject. Be willing to change the subject. This will help you to appear better rounded.

A good idea is to let her set the tone for the conversation. If you let her take the reins, you can sit back and listen to her talk. Ask her how her job is going or ask her about her family or any hobbies she might have. Be polite and let her know you’re listening and she should start talking your ear off.

The first date is normally like going on a job interview. You and she are getting to know each other to see if there might be a connection and a reason to have a follow-up second date. Therefore, don’t do anything on this first date that you wouldn’t do on a job interview—chewing gum, cursing or getting too personal.

And always watch your alcohol intake. No one likes a drunk on a date, believe me.

Bear in mind that this first date should be relaxed and sociable. There shouldn’t be any pressure on either side. It should be fun. You and she are just out having a good time and enjoying each other’s company and conversation. No more. No less.

Easy enough, isn’t it?