So, you’ve asked your lady out on a date, she’s accepted and now you’re probably getting some first date jitters. Okay. Not to worry. So, what do you talk about?

How do you keep the conversation going?

If you learned anything in this guide, you learned that women love to talk about themselves. Also, you learned how to be spontaneous and let the conversation evolve organically. And that’s all you have to do.

The place that you go to on your date will probably dictate some of your conversation. Say you’re going out with an art chick. Well, of course, you’re probably going to take her to a gallery opening or an art show or even a museum. Right?

Let’s say you do this. Well, the conversation will be about art, wouldn’t it? You would get the conversation rolling by saying, “I don’t know much about art. What can you tell me?” Like anyone else, women like to seem like experts, so do something that lets her show off how smart she is.

Same thing if you take her on a picnic. While you’re sitting on your blanket eating your shrimp salad or whatever, you’re probably going to notice things in the park like bicyclists or flowers or squirrels. You’d just talk about your surroundings.

“Look at that squirrel! He’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen!”

The same thing applies if your girl is a sports lover. You’d probably take her to a ballgame of some sort and from there, you two would just talk about the players, the arena, whatever is valid to the situation. And, if it’s something that you have no knowledge or interest in, don’t try to fake knowledge or interest. Just say that you don’t know much about it but thought it would be something she would like. She’ll love that you made this effort.

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