There are so many different meanings and words that describe the word unhealthy.

This is why most people do not like this word. Today, the number of unhealthy marriages in the system is more than the healthy ones. However, when you are able to learn about the principles that make marriages work you can fix your unhealthy marriage and make it a healthy one.

Unhealthy marriages have different things as their priorities apart from the partners they have chosen out of many out there to live with for life.

Some people have unfortunately made their marriage all about sex, which should not be so. What makes a good marriage is having a home, a family, being good friends and being real forgivers. When there is no respect in a relationship from the dating days, it is best it doesn’t lead to marriage unless there is some form of counseling done. Unhealthy marriages do not only affect the couples, but their children as well.

Why Are There Unhealthy Marriages?

There are so many reasons why unhealthy marriages exist today. One of those reasons is the rush for people to get married because they feel they are growing older.

Most women especially have problems deciding which man to marry while others are not fortunate to have men proposing all the time. This is why some women rush into marriage when they feel they are getting older and all their friends are getting married.

Although this kind of stigma is reducing in some parts of the world, it is huge in other parts especially in the native regions of Asia and Africa. This is the first notion that needs to be gotten rid of. Women and even men alike should get rid of that idea that they must get married before they turn 40.

Getting rid of this notion takes the stress off them. This makes marriage an exciting journey. When you get married when you are prepared makes a lot of difference.

The pressures that mostly come from family can be massive. However, it will be better if the right measures are taken by individuals to stay above all the pressure.

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