Your Presence in the World

If you want to learn how to talk to the ladies, it’s important that you should actually be in places where the ladies are. But where in the world are you? If you’re in a small town, it might be time to spread your wings and explore a little more. If you’re in a big city, it might be time to see what’s new.

Take every opportunity to get out there. Say your brother wants you to take your nephew to the circus. Take him! You never know, there could be single aunts taking their nieces and nephews, too.

What if your mom wants you to drop off some stuff at a charity shop for her? Why not? There could be some hot chicks in there looking for vintage clothes. What if your boss insists you come to dinner with clients? Yes! Perhaps some of those clients are single females.

You see? You just have to start looking for opportunities to meet new and interesting people. Anytime you come across a guy who wants you to join in with him and his friends for a ballgame, go. Many of those friends might have single sisters or cousins. They might want to set you up. You never know.

The point is to widen your presence in the world so you have more opportunities of meeting women. And if you go to every single one of these things and never meet a woman? Then you’re still broadening your horizons and being out in the world and that’s fun.

Once you start doing that, you should get more and more comfortable with yourself and when the time comes to talk to a hot woman, you will be ready.

Basically, getting out there at every opportunity is a way for you to start networking for yourself. That’s it. And you network everywhere you go. However, you don’t become the guy who thinks he has to talk to every single woman in the world he sees.

No. You don’t want to seem like you’re hitting on everyone. No, no and no. Be more selective than that. If you don’t, you may come off as seeming a little desperate. No one wants to talk to someone desperate. It’s just put people off.

But the point is to just be a friendly guy and speak to others when appropriate. Of course, if there’s a hot woman out there who really catches your eye, why not talk to her?

Also, remember that if people see you around enough, they will be more likely to talk to you. This includes the ladies, of course. The thing is that the more you are out and about in the world, the more likely you will find yourself in a situation to talk to women.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of places to meet women, a few being: Parties, bars, clubs, restaurants, grocery stores, the post office, etc. The key is to always approach with confidence and disarm with a smile.

Women are everywhere in the world and many are single, ready to mingle and definitely wanting to meet a cool guy like yourself. Knowing that you are in demand like this will give you that extra boost of confidence you need to get out there and make a connection.