Why do I need to stay with my husband if I have caught him cheating?

A lot of people will leave their husbands when this happens. This doesn’t mean you should also do same. Try to find a way to work things out with him especially if he shows he sincerely regrets what happened. Leaving your husband will not take the pain you feel away. If anything, it will make you feel more hurt which you do not need.

When did he start to take in excessive alcohol? I will leave him.

Well, this is a problem many other woman face all over the world. You need to get him to see a counselor as soon as possible. After the counselor, then you can see a drug habilitation expert to help him out.

Some men develop strange attitudes in a short time period so you need to be strong to stick with them. So, be the strong woman that you are and love him through it all.

Why did he hit my daughter?

You need to relax and find out exactly what led to the hit. There are times when girls can be disrespectful and most men are not able to take that for long. Although, you shouldn’t let things slide, do not break your marriage because of that.

If your husband is not the real father of the girl then you need to take things carefully because there might be a fishy plan somewhere on your child’s side.

He must work to provide for myself and my children or else I am leaving.

Although it is the duty of the man to take care of his family, women should also help out. Today, the world doesn’t permit for women to sit at home and not work unless your husband is the richest in the world. So, find a job and help him out till he finds another or a better job.

She hurt me, but I want to give her another chance because I love her. My friends say I am stupid, but I’m really want to do it. I’m a little confused.

If you have read article of this website, you will understand the need to forgive. Do not listen to what others have to say. It is your decision to make. You know what you are feeling and if it is to forgive her, then go ahead and do so.

Did I make a wrong decision getting married to her?

This question will have an answer depending on the circumstances you find yourself in. You need to try to make the marriage work at all costs if you love her. Get counselors involved and her parents too. If she still doesn’t change and you cannot take it, you can leave, but even with that you still have the option to wait for her to change and love her still.

I do not like my partner’s attitude of always complaining about little things so what do I do?

Find out why he complains about the things he complains about and try to resist them if possible if that will bring peace. If it has to do with your work, try to make him understand.

How do I forgive my husband after he lied to me?

Forgive and forget. It is not as easy as is said. However, it all depends on you and the decision you make to forgive.

He hit me, what do I do?

If it is the first time you need to talk to him and tell him you didn’t like it. If it continues, then he needs therapy.

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