Earlier, we talked about that initial approach and that opening ice breaker.
Saying something like, “It’s hot in here,” or “It’s crazy in here,” or whatever is one of the best ways to open up the lines of communication with a woman.

It brings a sense of commonality and allows you to find something to talk about. Now, that’s easy. But what after you start the conversation? How do you keep it going and get to know this woman better? This is easy. Basically, you introduce yourself. Yes, you begin by telling her who you are.

“Oh, by the way,” you say. “I’m Bubba. And you are?” Of course, you’re not Bubba. You’d use your name, obviously. And if you are Bubba? Well, you’d use Bubba.

Remember, this is just like any other conversation that you would engage in. The point is to score that introduction just as soon as the first bit of conversation is falling to the floor. This allows each of you to get a better vibe of the other. Knowing someone’s name is an important facet in the path to getting to know them well enough to ask them out on a date.

And it’s so easy! Just saying, “Oh, by the way, I’m Bubba. And you are?” tells them so much. You’re polite, you have an unusual name and you know how to talk to people. This makes them want to know where you come from, how old you are and many other things. This sparks interest. And interest might mean scoring a date.

So, after you’ve introduced yourself, be sure to ask her name. This is very important. You need to know her name. Therefore, when you introduce yourself like this, this forces her to tell you who she is. This opens the lines of communication.

From there, it should be pretty easy to find commonalities. Once you get the introduction over, you might find that you know some of the same people. You might find out that you’ve been to the same places and shared some of the same experiences. How to find out? Ask.

  • What school did you go to?
  • Where do you work?
  • How long have you been living in the city?

These are just normal questions you’d ask anyone new you might meet. So, ask her and find commonalities. This allows the conversation to expand and grow and evolve into, perhaps, something more. And something more could mean something like a date which is what you’re after, right?

It’s also important to shake her hand once you two meet. Sure, you might be European and do the kissing of the cheek thing. If so, do so quickly and don’t linger. But remember you’re taking a risk. She might just think you’re affecting sophistication and get the idea that you’re trying too hard.

So, it’s always smart to play it safe. This is why a good, firm handshake is best. Nothing too hard, nothing too soft. A too soft handshake is like shaking hands with a limp noodle and who wants to do that? Not even limp noodles.

A guy can also give the ironic overly formal handshake. This is good for a laugh and also helps break the ice. Your choice.

You just have to take into account that she’s a person just like everyone else. In the beginning, just talk to her like she’s a normal human being and you’ll be able to proceed that much easier. And, you know what? She’ll appreciate it, too.

She’ll appreciate that you’re nice, you’re not coming on too strong and that you want to talk to her.