One of the main problems guys seem to have in the dating world is that they don’t know how to talk to the ladies. Nonetheless, the main issues seem to reflect their annoyance at not understanding how to approach a woman, talk to her or ask her out. For some reason, these issues seem like insurmountable obstacles to some men. This is where a lot of them get hung up and is sometimes the reason they don’t date at all. Many men are convinced that talking to women is a big deal.
And the primary reason for this is because they fear rejection.

Rejection is hard for anyone but sometimes it’s necessary to get through a few before you get your big break. Yes, I know. But what if I try to speak to a woman laughing at me or, worse, I don’t know? Yes, it’s a legitimate fear, but you shouldn’t let it stop you trying. You may have been dismissed in the past. You may have tried to speak with the ladies in vain. I know it’s hard, but you have to keep trying. However, you need to find out how you can do it and do so in a successful fashion. You want to make a connection and start dating. Well, that’s what this guide is all about. It is about how you can make an introduction, talk to and then ask out the woman of your choosing.

Talking to women is, in my honest opinion, a pretty simple task. However, as I said earlier it seems to be the one thing that trips most guys up and the reason is because they get intimidated and fear rejection. This keeps a lot of men single and alone on Saturday nights. Not a nice place to be, to say the least, even if you have a spectacular bachelor pad.

So, it boils down to this simple fact: If you want to talk to a hot woman, she already knows you want to talk to her. It’s no secret. You know it. She knows it. So, why hide it? Why hide the fact that you have some interest in talking to her? Why not, instead of hanging back and trying to pretend that you don’t know she exists, just walk right up to her and give it a shot? This little move is what separates the men who date frequently from those who don’t. Those who do simply try and those who don’t… Well, they don’t. Those who do don’t allow intimidation to trip them up. And those who don’t allow intimidation to trip them up. It’s that easy.

It’s about taking the attitude of why not? Why not approach her and have a little chat and see where it leads? If you do this, then you know whether or not you have a shot with her. Then you can get on with your life in one way or another. If she likes you, then she likes you. And you will know it. That’s what that initial conversation is all about: Trying to figure out if the two of you vibe well enough to get a date going.

Sounds simple enough, eh? Well, it is. Once you get over your intimidation, you will be well on your way talking with the woman—or women—of your choosinging. You might even find that you like doing it, too, and soon will wonder why it ever bothered you in the first place. It’s about breaking down barriers—your barriers of hesitation and fear of rejection that keep you from making the effort.

This guide contains principles to apply and things to think about along the way to get the conversation rolling. These principles are similar to ones I’ve written about in my website, Understanding Women: The Definitive Guide to Meeting, Dating and Dumping, if Necessary. However, I wanted to take these principles, flesh them out a little and write a guide solely dedicated to how, exactly, a guy can talk to a lady.

The main thing to focus on is the fact that people love talking to each other.

Knowing this and knowing that probably, yes, she does want someone to talk to her and get to know her better, will be the key to unlocking your confidence and allowing you to be freer when talking to the ladies.

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have, the better you will be at doing whatever it is that you’re trying to do which, in this case, is talking to women. And, just so you’ll know, it is not that hard to talk to the ladies. Some guys just make it harder than it really is.
Let’s get rolling.