Once you’ve been properly introduced, it’s important to let her talk to you. The rest should take care of itself if you don’t try to domineer the conversation.

Remember you are starting off talking to her like you would anyone else.
Therefore, just like with anyone else, it’s obvious you want to get to know her better. What better way to do it than to… Get her to talk about herself.

Women love to talk about themselves so this is relatively easy to do. Only ask her a question like, “Are you here from all around? ” or something like that. And she will respond, probably, with something like, “Yes, I am. Where are you from?”

Once you do this, the proverbial ball is in her court. Just let her talk and you interject with other related questions as she’s doing so. This is the key to talking to the ladies.

When you do this, when you get a woman to talk about herself, you can stand back and just listen without having to get too involved. Ask appropriate questions every so often about her work or interests and say something related to your-
self, too. However, don’t get too heavy or intense with the questions because she might get the idea that you’re interrogating her or don’t have anything to say about yourself. So, it’s also a good idea to break into the conversation occasionally by saying things about yourself—where you work, your interests, etc.

Getting her to talk about herself will help her to relax and want to know more about you. And you keep it going by asking little questions like, “What did you study in college?” or “Have you ever see this or that movie?” or “Do you watch any reality shows?”

Stuff like that. Stuff that everyone talks about. As I’ve said and will continue to say, it is not hard to talk to the ladies. This is just basic exchange of ideas and words. What’s hard is getting over your initial hesitancy of doing so.

By getting her to talk about herself, you’re on the path to a good conversation.
The good thing is that if you let her talk, she might get the idea that you’re a good listener and, as I mentioned earlier, if you know anything at all about women, you know that they love to talk and they especially love to talk about themselves.

They all want an attentive audience.

If it is your intention to date this woman, remember that this might be your opportunity to do so as you’re talking. If you mind your manners and don’t irritate her by saying something brash or offensive, you’ve just given her more reasons to say yes than no. If you’re really hitting it off, just say, “Hey, would you like to get a cup of coffee?” (Or even a drink or a bite to eat or whatever sometime?) And then set a date and a time. Simple and effective.

You also need to know that not every girl you come across is going to be a motormouth. Some are shy and if she’s looking a little anxious and not saying much, this is probably what’s going on with her. That’s okay. She could still be interested in you but you will have to grab the reins to begin with. Just keep talking and, if you’re not getting anywhere with her, just say a simple, “It was nice meeting you. If you’d like to talk some other time, let me know and we could get together.”

If she likes you, she will nod. This means you will have to get her number and call her. If she doesn’t talk too much on the phone, my suggestion would be to ascertain whether or not you even want to get to know her better and, if so, make a date.

If not, tell her it was nice talking to her and let her go. Shy girls are tough but they are worth it, if you are willing to expend the effort. It’s your call on this one. Just don’t be rude about it.

Getting back to subject at hand, it’s important to know that when you are talking to a woman it is wise to never contradict her, even if you know for a fact she’s in the wrong about something. Yes, this might be a double standard but do you want to deal with it just to make a point?

Most smart men don’t. Just let her talk and nod like you agree and move on. Yes, it may be true that you’re right—if, in fact, you are—but if you come off as sounding like you’re correcting her, it might irritate her. If you like her well enough to want to go on a date, then the suggestion is to just keep a tight lip on this. You want her to like you, remember?

Also, it’s good to never roll your eyes at her and act like what she’s just said makes her sound like the world’s biggest idiot. This is rude and keep in mind that you’ve just met her. You don’t need to give her the impression that you’re some sort of jerk who thinks she’s stupid.

There’s no reason for this unless, of course, you’re looking for an escape hatch. Again, if you want to date her, insulting her is a one-way ticket to a lonely weekend.

Another good thing to take into account is to keep your hands to yourself and don’t touch her. While you probably mean nothing by it, most women don’t like to be touched by men they don’t know, not even in a friendly manner.

It can come off as pushy and make her uncomfortable. Sure, you might get lucky and find a hot woman and you two have an instant sexual attraction. If so, then that’s none of my business. However, most times, this isn’t going to happen right off the bat.

Well, at least not within the first sixty seconds of meeting someone. (Not unless you’re very, very lucky.) So, hands off until you’ve been given the green light. And the green light is her touching you first.

Also, another good rule of thumb is to not look at other women while you are talking to her. It’s rude and will most likely annoy her. Making her feel like she’s the only woman you want to be talking to gives her a feeling of importance and that will make her want to talk to you even more.

Remember, women are not perfect even if we want you to believe we are.
We make mistakes sometimes and sometimes we say the wrong things too.

The idea is to overlook as much as you comfortably can in that initial stage and to allow the lady to talk about herself. It’s a subject she will never bore of but soon enough, she might just turn her attention on you. And that’s what you’re after, right?