You’ve tried really hard. You approached her and then she shot you down.
Perhaps you misread the signs or maybe you forgot to actually look for a sign and now you’ve been rejected and boy, oh boy does it stink. What to do? You have to get over it.

Sometimes, as humans, we can’t get over the fact that not everyone loves us and wants to be our friends or go on dates with us. That’s okay. It’s a human condition. What you have to realize is that, most times, when a woman rejects you, it actually has nothing to do with you.

She could be rejecting you because you’re not her type or she’s already in a relationship or heartbroken over a failed relationship. That’s okay. She could just be mean. Or miserable. It doesn’t really matter what the reason is. What’s important is to step over that rejection and not let it trip you up.

She has probably done you a favor because you don’t want to waste your time with a woman who doesn’t want you. That would suck, right? Right.

Get this into your head: Rejection happens. If you make an effort, it will inevitably occur to you. But, and this is the biggie, don’t get down about it. It’s just part of the process. Learn to live with it and learn to shrug it off. A person who can handle rejection with a smile will always come off as a class act. A person who takes it personally… Not so much.

You should know that rejection usually doesn’t have to do anything with you personally. In any situation there are extenuating circumstances. Women have baggage and sometimes they can’t put it down long enough to see a golden opportunity right in front of them. Her mistake and her loss. Not yours. If you move on, you win.

If you shut down, you lose. The choice is simple. But don’t not expect rejection because it will probably come at some point. What you do with it is important, not the fact that it happened.

So, if she rejects you, just say, “Oh, that’s cool,” or “I understand,” and give her a genuine smile. Yes, it might hurt a little so just put a band-aid on it and move on with your life. You can be cool, so be cool about getting rejected. If you do this, she might change her mind and ask you out. Hey, you never know. Stranger things have happened.

In the end, sure, you may run across the occasional woman who doesn’t want to talk to you for whatever reason. The key is to never become so demoralized that you get dispirited. The key is to get right back on that horse and ride it to your sunset. Okay, maybe not an actual horse or sunset, but you get my point. So, saddle back up, cowboy!