This article is about the basics of talking to the ladies, a recap, if you will. I am going to pretty much lay it all out here and get it down to brass tacks. This should cover what you need to know and serve as a quick reference.

Your Approach

First of all, approach with confidence. You’re a cool guy and cool guys have confidence. Yes, you may be nervous and, if so, try to get those nerves under control.

Also, expect to strike out a few times. Rejection isn’t usually about you so don’t make it about it you. It’s about you and her not being a good match. That’s all it is. And do you want to push the issue? No. You don’t.

Now, before you even approach, you might want to look for the signs that she wants you to do so.
Here they are:

  • A coy smile in your general direction.
  • She runs her hand through her hair or plays with it.
  • She stares at you then looks away quickly when she catches you staring back.
  • Her biting or licking her lips nervously.
  • And, obviously, she actually motions you over to her.
    Once you have the signs and you know it’s okay to talk to her, just walk right up to her. Get things going.

The Ice breaker

What works best? A nice, good-natured smile and a simple, “Hi, how are you?” The smile is so important because this will disarm her and let her know what a good guy you are. Of course, if you have misread the signs and she doesn’t want to talk to you, then so what? No harm, no foul. Just move right along and find someone who does want to talk to you. And there will be plenty of women who do once you get all this down, believe me.

After you’ve said hi to her, and she to you, break the ice with a few, easy going questions such as, “It’s hot in here, isn’t it?” or “Do you have the time? My watch is a little off.” These ice breakers will help you to get the conversation rolling.

Take into account that it’s best not to smother her with too many questions at first and never ask anything rude or personal, especially about the color of her hair or, God forbid, her age. No woman wants to be asked, “Are you a natural blonde?” or “How old are you?” Ugh, no. Soon enough, if you two hit it off, you can find out the answers to those questions. Just not now.

Also, always be respectful of her and never attempt to talk to a woman who’s scowling or frowning.

In essence, you approach a woman with a smile and a “Hi, how are you?” and then you introduce yourself. “By the way, I’m Bubba, and you are?” This puts the ball in her court.

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