• Men, DO

Pay (or at least get creative if you can’t). I know this is controversial, but hear me out! Even if you’re in a tough spot financially, remember that an expensive date doesn’t always equal a great date. Don’t believe me? Consider these awesome, free date ideas: go to a pet store and play with puppies, walk around a local park, Geocache, make ice-cream or cupcakes together, or just grab a cheap cup of coffee or ice-cream. The big takeaway here is when a man offers to plan and/or pay for the first date the woman feels he’s thoughtful and responsible. Of course men shouldn’t pay for 100% of dates, but this is a conversation you can easily bring up at a later time, once a rapport of trust has been built.

And the final piece of dating advice for men, DO

Smile and be yourself! It’s normal to be nervous but dating should be fun too. You’re awesome and it’s just a matter of time before your date figures it out too!

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