#3 Don’t spend the night unless her children aren’t home:

Children are NOT going to react well to discovering a strange man spent the night. Even if you’ve been introduced to her kids, they still might not appreciate you staying over. It’s better for everyone if you only stay the night if the kids aren’t going to be there.

If she tells you it’s okay to stay, it’s probably fine. But don’t just assume it will be fine, always ask first.

#2 Be flexible with plans:

This tip links back to tip 4. Her time is valuable, when she can spend time with you is not just determined by her own schedule but by her kids. If they change plans, there is a good chance you’ll also have to change plans too. That’s just the cost of dating a woman with a child.

If you are understanding and flexible you’ll show her you really care and are someone worth spending her time on. If you get angry or annoyed when she needs to change her plans, for her own reasons or the kids. You’ll probably not last very long, she’ll drop you for someone who understands.

#1 Her kids are always her number 1 priority:

Most importantly, her kids are always going to be her number 1 priority. You can’t expect anything else. Above all else if you can show her that you understand her kids always come before you, she’ll see you really care. After all, you’re probably with her because you can see how loving and caring she is. Her kids being her number 1 priority should be a good thing that you’re always supportive of!


If you keep these tips in mind, are as patient and understanding as you can be, you should be fine. Dating a woman with kids could be scarry but follow this tips and that ine date could turn into the love your and her life. Good luck!

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