Here are the 5 best tips for dating a woman with kids:

If you have never dated a woman with kids before, you may be feeling a little unsure what to expect. This article will give you most important tips you would need to help you navigate this new relationship.

#5 She’ll decide when you can meet her kids:

Meeting your new girlfriends kids is a big deal for you. For your girlfriend. And most importantly, her kids. If she tells you she’s not ready for you to meet her kids, you NEED to respect that. Only she will know when her kids will be ready to meet you. And even then, it’s a bit of a gamble how it’ll go. If you’re patient here, it should go much smoother.

#4 Don’t waste her time:

Being a single mom is BUSY. It’s hard work being the sole provider for a child, let alone multiple. Being a mom really is a full time job, so any time she manages set aside for you is very valuable.

If you aren’t seriously interested, don’t waste what little free time she has. It’s better to let her know if you aren’t willing to do the work.

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